5 Ways to Use Your Instant Pot

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instant pot kale artichoke dip

Cooking often requires an impossible-seeming juggle of oven and pan real estate. It can be overwhelming,which is why you should take advantage of shortcuts whenever you can.

Enter the速溶锅.It's a dream when it comes to saving both time and kitchen space,and our test kitchen pros have been using the gadget to dream up new appetizers,desserts and entrées.

1。Kale-Artichoke Dip

The gorgeousdipseen above is not only pretty to look at,吃东西很高兴。塞满了洋蓟和甘蓝之类的蔬菜,it's a also a good way to sneak in some vegetables before demolishing a ton of starch and protein for the main event.Cream cheese,Parmesan and mozzarella make this a crowd-pleasing appetizer to bring to any potluck or dinner party.


Instant Pot Spiced Carrot and Cashew Soup

Sometimes,尤其是在小型聚会上,展示一个聪明的人真是太可爱了,德赢电子竞技aesthetically intriguing appetizer rather than burying everyone in the expected elements.Gently spiced with Indian curry powder,thiscontains six full carrots.It's the perfect meat-free element to introduce before a heavy entrée.


chocolate lava cake

Yes,你可以在压力锅里做出这样优雅的东西。Enter the perennial crowd-pleaser,巧克力。Thesemolten individual chocolate cakes太好了,他们可能会偷走整个节目。

4.Vegetarian Kale and Bean StewKale and Good Mother Stallard Bean Stew

不管你是不是在切肉,it's never a bad idea to incorporate more vegetarian dishes into your eating plan.Thisnon-meat meaty bean stew以非洲好母亲史泰拉豆为特色,which are nutty and satisfying.And it's the sort of dish that will satisfy both carnivores and non-carnivores alike.

5.Blueberry Cheesecake

Instant Pot Blueberry-Pecan Cheesecake

Have you had Instant Pot cheesecake yet?It is truly incredible.Pressure-cooking is just the thing to spin its classic components—cream cheese,sugar,sour cream,把鸡蛋做成一个奶酪蛋糕的质地,这是不可能的。我们特别喜欢this one,with its crown of fresh blueberries.大量的柠檬汁和果香让整件事感觉轻松明亮,which are a welcome respite at the end of any meal.

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